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Human Resource Management

Certification course in Human Resource Management

Manage and Engage your Talents : Learn the latest and future trends to stay ahead with frameworks, templates.The Course is designed to motivate the Managers, HR Professionals both existing and aspiring to learn and explore new trends around workplace and Talent management.

A Course which Covers HR metrics, Recruitment, Retention, Performance Management, Employee Relations, Satisfaction, Communication,Employee Engagement, Compensation planning like Bands,Structures & Grades

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Fees – 5,500 INR/-
– 6 to 11 FEBRUARY
Time – 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM


Introduction to HR Risk Management

What is HR risk management?

  • Key concepts of HR risk management

  • Role of HR in risk management

  • Identifying and analyzing risk

  • Benefits and impediments to risk management

  • Managing and evaluating risk management

  • Classifications of risk

Module 2: Identifying and Analysing Risk

  • Risk assessment phases

  • Identifying risks

  • Risk identification approaches

  • Risk analysis tools

  • Evaluating risks (ignore or address)

  • Key risk indicators

  • The risk register

Module 3: Managing Risk

  • Reacting to all types of Risks

  • Developing and executing risk management plan

  • Defining the objectives for risk management

  • Crisis vigilance and business stability

  • Disaster management planning and anticipation process

Module 4: Evaluating Risk Management

  • Supervising and mentoring the Risk Management Plan

  • Assessing the efficiency of risk management policies and procedures

  • Evaluating compliance

  • Quality assurance and uninterrupted development

Module 5: Human Capital Risks

  • Symposium of risk management issues

  • Ascertaining human capital risks

  • Improving key risk indicator

  • Scarcity of vital skills

  • Insurance, data, and cybersecurity

  • Ethics and Conduct

  • Compliance and regulation

  • Supply chain risk

Module 6: Developing HR Metrics

  • Analysing HR metrics

  • Determining applicable human capital methods

  • Improving key performance indicators (KPIs)

  • Creating HR audit dashboard

Module 7: Evaluating HR Management Processes and Practices

  • Evaluating the recruitment, selection and hiring process

  • Reviewing performance management

  • Assessing employee relations

  • Measuring the discipline and termination process

Module 8: HR Audits and Models

  • Understanding and evolution of HR audits

  • Identifying key HR audit concerns and developing plan accordingly

  • Essential elements of an HR audit

  • Internal audits and control activities

Module 9: Sources of HR Risks

  • Workplace Culture
    • Team building initiatives to bring everyone together

    • Safety and risk management

  • Workplace Accidents
    • Injuries

    • Medical cost

    • Loss of productivity

  • Employment-related lawsuits

  • Employee benefit liability

  • Network and data security

  • Theft and fraud

  • Training and competency

  • Employee turnover

Module 10: PMS & Appraisals

Appraisals techniques

Module 11: HR Operations

Introduction to HR Policies
Vision and Value Alignment in HR policies
Policy Classification
Understanding policies and procedures
Creation of HR Policies
Structure of HR policies
Most used HR Policies
Introduction to some HR agreements / contracts
Offer letter
Appointment letter
Terms of employment, Bonds
Contracts and service agreements
Background verification
Joining formalities
Leave Management

Module 12: New Labour Code

Understand the various provisions of different labour codes and rules.
Handling of Compliance of labour laws/codes in its letter & spirit.
The framework of Labour Legislation, Constitutional Provisions, the Code on Wages.
Code on Industrial Relations, Occupational Safety, Health and Working Conditions Code and     Social Security Code.
To understand the implication of these codes on the labour market.
Register to understand the framework of Labour Legislation, Constitutional Provisions, and the Code on Wages

Module 13: Man power Planning

AI in HR

Module 1 – What is AI and why does it matter to HR?

Module 2 – The Impact of AI on HR

Module 3 – Shaping the Future of Work with AI and Augmentation

Module 4 – The Impact of AI and Augmentation on Individuals and the Organisation

Module 5 – Implementing AI tools within HR

Module 14: HRIS (pocketkHRIS)

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