(Online Course Certification)

Linkedin & IT Recruitment

We are conducting an Online Course on IT & LinkedIn Recruitment. Talent Sourcing is a core part of recruitment . This course is all about how to be a recruiter and how technical recruitment (IT) can be done and also to learn about LinkedIn sourcing.

This course …
explains Information Technology to IT Recruiters
explains the various IT Job categories in IT
explains about IT Architecture and its evolution
explains about LinkedIn sourcing for both IT & Non IT


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Fees – 1,900 INR/-
Time – 3 PM – 5 PM
– 11 & 12 January.


Anyone one interested in LinkedIN Recruitment, IT Recruitment, IT & Non IT Recruiting companies looking to train their Recruiters, HR Managers looking to train their Recruiters, Beginners in IT Recruitment. Thus, in this course you will find an introduction to information about:

– IT Fundamentals (such as hardware & software, operating systems, and project life cycle), which are essential for further IT roles understanding;

– IT roles itself (key responsibilities, functions, and skills related to it). Each recruiter has to stay in close contact with the hiring manager to be able to identify his needs and each recruiter has to understand the market to be able to find a perfect match;

– IT Technologies (incl. programming languages, frameworks, databases, deployments, and communication tools)

-LinkedIn sourcing & LinkedIn recruiter. Advance sourcing in LinkedIn using CSE, X Ray, Chrome extensions
– Tools & Websites to source IT Candidates